Our History

Kong Beng Book Company Pte Ltd, established as far back as 1947, was a local firm providing stationery supplies and books to schools and government agencies. In the following two decades, the company grew from strength to strength, supplying stationery supplies and sporting goods to many of the local stationery retail outlets, sports shops, departmental stores, offices and selective government agencies in Singapore. The company also exported its goods to many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


In 1986, the management at Kong Beng Book Company Pte Ltd decided to separate the traditional stationery business from the property and investment arm. Thus, resulting the establishment of Kong Beng Stationery and Sports (KBSS) Pte Ltd as a separate entity. The purpose is to allow the latter to spearhead and focus on the development of stationery supplies and sporting goods in local and overseas market.


Company Profile

Kong Beng Stationery and Sports (KBSS) Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of stationery, sports equipment, musical instruments, games and scientific instruments in Singapore.


Established in 1986, Kong Beng Stationery and Sports Pte Ltd is one of the largest stationery wholesale and merchandising firm with more than three decades of track record and over 300 customers in Singapore and the region. The company’s vision is to become a single hub of all stationery supplies to customers, providing all types of stationery and sports equipment, regardless of the country of origin.   Apart from being an importer, exporter and wholesaler of stationery and sports goods, the company is also an authorized supplier of stationery and sports equipment to all government agencies and Statutory Boards in Singapore.


The company has an office in Kong Beng Book Industrial Building with over 30,000 sq ft of warehouse space. The office address is 41, Jalan Pemimpin, Unit #04-04.


Our Value Proposition

Kong Beng Stationery and Sports (KBSS) Pte Ltd place great importance on long term relationships with both the suppliers and customers.  Many of our suppliers are longstanding partners with decades of business dealings. To satisfy our customers, we adopted a “value-add” approach and “one-stop” fulfillment concept by offering wide range of stationery products and sporting goods to our Customers, and at the most attractive price. Parallel to our “bricks and mortar” business, the company also offers “e-Ordering” portal which is our new B2B technological platform for the digital economy. The company is actively embarking on new digital channels to bring about convenient and rewarding experience for online shopping. The purpose of our new technological platform is to bring about operational efficiency and thus cost saving to the Customers. Our deep knowledge of the stationery supplies and sporting goods marketplace enabled us to anticipate your needs and therefore offer cost effective solutions that best serve our Customers’ interests.


The company is the authorized agent in Singapore for the following established brands of stationery supplies and sporting goods;

  • Butterfly Table Tennis Equipment;
  • KW-Trio stationery;
  • Louis Tape.



Kong Beng Stationery and Sports Pte Ltd is a member of the following organizations:;

  • Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Singapore Chinese Merchandise Import and Export Association;
  • Singapore Booksellers and Stationers Association.

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